What is the transition phase to secondary from 11+ feels like? 

There are many ranks, and also different classes that you will need to finish if you want to have a good degree in your hands, and the decision of the degree that you want to take should be in your hand that is in the hands of the student and not in the parent because if the child wants to become something else and the parent is forcing them, then they will have to listen to the parent as they cannot do any kind of argument with them as they are the ones who had born and brought up the child ss that one day the child can become successful in the world and can make the name of their parents high in the world.

The transition from the 11+ to the secondary might be difficult for some of the students as they will have to face different kinds of problems like they will need to find a good college or university in which they can take admission for different subjects, and this will depend on the student to find out the best college or university that exist in the market where they can take admission so that they can learn much better than anywhere and this will be a good thing as it will help the student a lot as there are a lot of good teachers that you will find in these kinds of universities or also colleges who are professional and can help the student in making a smooth transition between their 11+ and also the secondary.
This is the link that you can click on to know more on how to make a smooth transition between 11+ and the secondary https://www.champslearning.co.uk. To make a smooth transition, the student needs to make sure that they are taking admission in a good secondary champslearning.co.uk/ which will help them a lot when they grow up for ding their higher studies and after that, they will be doing jobs and different things that will motivate them a lot.
This means that if the student has a very good degree, then the job profile that they get when they are working in a company will also be higher, and this can happen due to a smooth transition in which the student can learn and also score good marks so that they can achieve their degree which will help them in the future to get a high pay or salary job.